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Welcome to Northwood, a Canadian company specializing in the design and distribution of custom-designed, ready-to-build houses and residential project management in Ontario and Quebec.



The Simple Way Home

Since the company opened in 2000, Northwood has become a landmark in the field of custom-built homes and cottages. Your ideas, our designs You know what you need, you can picture what you want… We have the expertise to make your vision a reality.







House Plans

All our house plans can be modified to suit your needs. Start from one of our designs or work with us to create a one-of-a-kind home that will satisfy all your requirements. Start by going to the Customization section.


Our Services

Whether you are looking at a structural insulated panel, post and beam or log type construction, we guarantee you outstanding professional services. We rely on teamwork to help you build your project according to your budget.

Purchase Your Land

Our services start with a site visit to assess the land and the cost related to land preparation before integrating the building.

Set Your Design

Let Northwood create the home or cottage that best represents your lifestyle and budget.

Choose Your Material

Northwood will help you choose your materials to satisfy your preference and needs while respecting your budget.

Project Management

Northwood offers 5 different project management services that offers many advantages.

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Dear Annie & Mario, You have successfully transformed our idea into the reality of our dream home! For this, and for your excellent ideas, talent, perseverance, patience, dedication and professionalism, we congratulate you and Thank You so much!!!

Margaret & Murray

Just want to say thanks for the very informative meeting this morning, your knowledge is very helpful to us.

B. & A. Simmons

We are really pleased to see the progress and want to thank all of you for working so hard and for listening to our concerns about moving in before Christmas.

C. Lee & D. Gorman

I would first like to say thank you for all the information you have given us today at the home show. You were very helpful and we could tell you were very knowledgeable of what you were talking about.After talking to both of you we knew that we would be in good hands and that you would guide us on the right path and would be there for us when we needed help in our decision or to have questions answered. That means a lot to us. We pride on running our business with customer satisfaction and we feel that you both have the same outlook.

P. & S. Disley

We would like to reiterate our thanks and appreciation once again for all that you have done for us. We appreciate the extraordinary circumstances associated with the build and we truly appreciated the extra effort and professionalism that you both displayed during the entire process. Your commitment to customer service and the resolution of issues was quite evident and a good example to all.

T. Roos

The unique Northwood service doesn’t end when the project is complete. We constantly refer our friends to Northwood because we trust their consistency. We have plans for future building projects on our property & we already know these projects will be a guaranteed success because Annie, Mario and their team will be taking care of us.

The Fleming Family

As a first time builder, we didn’t need to worry about any thing. If we had a question or concern, Northwood was always there with an answer or a response that made us comfortable moving forward. Northwood was only a phone call or email away. We didn’t feel that we were in this alone. They were just as concerned about our home as we were. Their expertise and experience was worth the cost. As we did not have the knowledge or time to acquire the knowledge, their service was invaluable. We really appreciate your support in our success!

B. & L. Egerdee

Annie and Mario Thank you very much for yesterday’s meeting. Kim and I were impressed with your thoroughness and the comfortable manner in which you relayed all the information. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that from my perspective, I was very impressed with how smooth it went. Mario went over the various estimates with me and I have briefed Kim and we are both happy with how things are taking shape. Thank you to both of you for efforts; we continue to be impressed with the speed and quality of work. We are getting very excited about enjoying the finished product this summer. We usually get one or two visitors coming in to visit in their canoes and they have all been very impressed with the design and construction. Your sign at the water has been noticed because they usually ask about Northwood and how things are going. We’ve been happy to tell them about you and certainly have recommended they speak with you if they have any building plans. We would like to thank you again for your thoughtful ‘cottage-warming’ gifts and look forward to having you and Mario come out for a visit to enjoy a glass of wine from the front porch of your modified Hazel design.

K. & G. Poulin


We will always remember our time working with Northwood as an enjoyable experience. Congratulations on Ten years! Cheers,

S. & R. Labrecque

We wanted to send a brief note to express how pleased we have been with the services of Northwood. The project has been on time and the quality of workmanship that you have demanded from the trades has exceeded our expectations. The Northwood team showed amazing commitment to our project, and without your expertise, our cottage would not be a reality today. The professionalism that all of you have shown us during this process has made the experience even more pleasant. It has been a joy working with all of you, and we will recommend your services to any of our friends and family who are considering building a custom home.

H. Evans & J. Bottomley

Why we highly recommend Northwood Country Homes: They go above & beyond, providing service we haven’t found with others. We didn’t know any contractors in Quebec nor are we bilingual Mario & Annie treated our project with special care because of this. They treat each build like it’s their own. Our cottage is part of our retirement plans-what a dream come true already, and we are only in our 30s & 40s. Mario is so easy to get along with & I knew I could trust him to handle. Annie is highly efficient & kept me informed, thus reducing anxiety If you are considering hiring Northwood, don’t look any further. Save yourself the time. I guarantee you will receive the best!

P. Fleming

We love our Northwood vacation home. Thanks for being a part of making it possible. Regards,

Paul and Charlene

Dear Mario & Annie, Thank You so much for all the hard work you did with the construction of our cottage. Your expertise and effort really made this an exciting and stressfree (well almost stressfree) experience for us. With your help, we now have a place which will bring our family many years of enjoyment. It has been great getting to know you over the last few months, and we would love to see you very soon at the cottage. We hope 2003 brings you lots of love, happiness, good health & success.

Eric, Narine & Emma

Suzanne and I both congratulate you on your 10 years and wish you the best of luck in the years to come. We are very much enjoying the country home that you built us in Norway Bay. The only problem we have is getting family to leave after they have been there a few days, but of course that is the problem of building a nice large home that everyone enjoys. Once again all the best and we wish that you have great celebration.

Mike and Suzanne