Steps to start your project

1. Choose the lot before you decide on the house plan (to take full advantage of the lot’s potential – especially relevant in rural settings). Check with local authorities about your land description (setback, 100-year flood recurrence interval, maximum building height, minimum footprint…). If possible, get this information before you buy the lot.

2. Talk to a financial institution to confirm the financial feasibility of your project get pre-approved); make a budget you feel comfortable with.

3. Go through our checklist to narrow down your requirements.

4. Make an appointment with one of our specialists, who will help you build your dream home and stay within your budget. Bring the Checklist with you to your first appointment.


Northwood offers 4 types of packages
to meet the needs of its clients.

Conventional Construction – Economical with high quality materials, good price value for your dollar Structural Insulated Panels Construction – Best performance in its class for energy cost saving, Quick and easy assembly Post and Beam Construction – A great way to mix panel efficiency with the warmth of wood Log House Construction – Unique construction that reflects your love of nature

Project Management

Our services start with a consultation on the feasibility of the project. We provide you with tools to start you off on the right foot. (See the Customization section.)

Our primary goal is to work with you as a team to make your vision a reality.