Insulated Panels Construction

Why choose Northwood structural insulated panels?

Our panel systems save time and help builders avoid the trouble of hiring manpower.They are environmentally friendly. The panel system reduces waste and it has proven its worth from an energy efficiency standpoint.


Why use Northwood’s structural insulated panel system?

  • Less steps in the construction process
  • Less panel connections compared with other systems
  • No on-site panel modifications
  • No voiding
  • Pre-cut door and window openings
  • All you have to do is offload and install!
  • It’s that easy

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Some advantages of Northwood structural insulated panels:

  • Higher R-value than cellulose or fiberglass
  • Contain no HCFCs or CFCs
  • Contain no formaldehyde
  • Rot-proof
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Do not attract animals, rodents in particular

ENERSIP panels are GREEN!

Some of the environmental benefits of an ENERSIP home include:

  • Savings on building materials
  • Improved air seal and reduced air leakage
  • Less toxic emissions during construction
  • Less trees used in manufacturing OSB
  • No toxic fumes
  • Recyclable foam core
  • Clean, quiet, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Northwood structural insulated panels make it so much easier to build your dream home.